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  1. Trimmer: A trimmer, also known as a beard trimmer or hair trimmer.
  2. Shaver: A shaver, also known as an electric razor or electric shaver, is a grooming tool used for shaving facial and body hair.
  3. Straightener: A straightener, also known as a hair straightener or flat iron, is a styling tool used to straighten and smooth hair by applying heat.
  4. Dryer: A dryer, also known as a hair dryer or blow dryer, is a styling tool used to dry and style hair by blowing hot air. Hair dryers feature a motor and heating element that produce a stream of warm or hot air.

Whether you’re maintaining facial hair, shaving, straightening, or drying hair, having the right tools and techniques can help you achieve your grooming and styling goals with ease and precision.

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