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Discover the Best Type C Cables Online in India at ShoppCart

Are you tired of dealing with slow charging and data transfer issues with your old cables? Upgrade your mobile accessories collection with high-quality Type C cables available at ShoppCart. We bring you a diverse range of Type C cables that guarantee fast charging, seamless data transfer, and unparalleled durability.

Why Choose Type C Cables?

Type C cables have revolutionised how we charge and sync our devices. Their reversible design makes it incredibly easy to plug in, eliminating the frustration of misconnecting your device. With faster charging capabilities and speedy data transfer rates, these cables have become necessary for smartphone, tablet, and laptop users.

●      Unrivalled Compatibility
Our selection of Type C cables is compatible with a wide range of devices, including the latest models from top brands. Whether you own an Android smartphone, a MacBook, or any Type C-enabled gadget, our cables will work seamlessly with your device.

●      Fast and Reliable Charging
Say goodbye to hours of waiting for your device to charge. Our Type C cables support fast charging, ensuring your device reaches its total battery capacity quickly. Keep your phone powered up for essential calls, messages, and entertainment without interruptions.

●      Seamless Data Transfer
Transferring files between devices has never been this smooth. With high-speed data transfer capabilities, our Type C cables enable quick and efficient file sharing. Move photos, videos, documents, and more between your smartphone and computer effortlessly.

●      Built to Last
We understand the importance of durable and long-lasting cables. We offer Type C cables made from premium materials, ensuring they can withstand daily wear and tear. Forget about frayed cables and invest in our reliable options.

Buy Type C Cables Online in India.

Experience the convenience of online shopping at ShoppCart. Browse through our extensive collection of Type C cables and choose the one that best suits your needs. With secure payment options and swift delivery, you can deliver your new cable to your doorstep.


Upgrade your charging and data transfer experience with India’s best Type C cables in India. ShoppCart ensures top-notch quality and performance, bringing you the accessories you can rely on. Don’t settle for slow and inefficient charging – explore our Type C cables today and stay connected effortlessly.

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